This category contains helpful links for improving the accessibility of Pipeline ROI websites.

The following links and information are provided as a resource and should not be interpreted as legal advice. PROI makes every effort to accommodate users of all abilities.

Many portions of your website are controlled by the chosen templates and underlying code, but there are many items that are within your control that play a part in making the content accessible to those that visit your website.

The information provided below can be used to assist with the structure and content of your site.

3rd Party Accessibility Integration
There are many third-party widgets that can assist with making your site more accessible to differently abled visitors. PROI is not affiliated with any of these third parties and will not assume responsibility for these products and services.

One technology being used by PROI Customers to address some of the concerns of ADA accessibility is the Userway widget. Userway provides an accessibility menu to assist differently abled visitors with accessing your website. Please click this link to userway information for additional iformation on the Userway widget.

Accssibility Links