Blog Tip Old 2

Publishing And Editing A Blog

To get started you’ll first need to login to the dashboard. Once you’re logged in look under the Publish tab and click on the task link for New Blog Post.

Creating a Blog post

Once you’re in the blog management area of your site, here’s how you create a post…

In the screen that appears, type a Subject for your new post. The date and time of your post are added automatically.

Click to place your cursor in the main Body section and write your post. Let the creative juices flow. Need some inspiration?

When you’re done, click Save as Draft to save your work and return to post it later -OR- click Submit Post to place the post on your live blog immediately.

Editing/Deleting/Posting a Saved Blog

If you saved your work as a draft, you can go back and edit it at any time.

From the blogging section of your site, click the Drafts tab.
Then, do one of the following:
To edit your draft – Click the Edit icon to the right of the draft which you wish to modify. In the Content Editor, write your post and then click Submit Post to post it to your live blog OR click Save as Draft to simply update your draft.
To delete your draft – Click the Delete icon to the right of that draft.
To post your draft – Click Post to the right of the draft you’d like to submit to your live blog.