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Rewrite Your Pages On Legacy Sites To Be Mobile Responsive

This tutorial mainly applies to users that were previously on one of our legacy sites.

This is to show you how to update the templates on the provided pages to be more mobile responsive.

If you’ve customized any of the provided pages and want to keep the content, you’ll want to save a copy in a notepad or word file before you choose the responsive page template in Step 3. After Step 3 just copy and paste your personalized content into the page as you like.

Here’s how to rewrite any of our provided content you haven’t customized.

Sign in to the back-end of your site. Click on XSite at the top, then My Content on the left.

Choose which of the pages you want to edit (i.e 9 Steps to Owning.) Click on the name of the page to open the editor. NOTE: Do NOT rewrite the Home Page. It will remove the custom design that was set up.
In the Page Content section, set the template to Template 1b. The page should rewrite the content. You can also click the Rewrite Page button if the template is already set to Template 1b.

If you want to save any custom work you’ve put into the page, save a copy of the content in Notepad or Word before you change the template.

Click Save and Close to keep the changes.
Repeat as needed for your enabled pages.