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Creating A Custom Web Page

Pipeline ROI Websites have a lot of pre-written content pages to use on your site. These are great to start out with and combined with Ghostwriter can provide you automatically updated content that is unique to you.

That being said, we still recommend adding one or two custom pages. These usually cover topics we can’t possibly know enough about to write anything for you. Some suggestions are:

The best vendors to use in your area
State-specific RE laws to be aware of when purchasing or selling a home
How your listing efforts are different from everyone else’s
Why should someone want to live in your area?
There are a million ideas out there. Enough with the jibber jabber, here is how to create a custom page from scratch.

Starting from the dashboard

Step 1: Under the Publish section, click on General website content.

Step 2: Then, follow steps 2-5 below to finish adding a custom page.

Starting from the Website backend

Step 1: From your Website backend, click on the Website button in the top navigation.

Step 2: Now, click on My Content on the left-hand side and then on the Custom tab in the center of the page.

Start filling in information about the Community you are creating a page for. The more content you write here, the more it will engage visitors and benefit your SEO.

After you have some information filled out on the Community and have uploaded at least 1 photo, click on the GhostWriter button on the left-hand side to generate a preview of the page. You can still edit things but if you are happy with it just click Save.
Now you can close the Featured Community Page window and you’ll find your newly minted web page waiting for you to active it under the Local Content tab.