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How To Embed HTML Code Into A Page On Your Site

If you have a snippet of standard HTML code that you’ve gotten from another party or site, this article will explain how to paste it into our editor so that your Widget, IDX Search, or other object is displayed on the page.

This is an intermediate subject that is predicated on a basic understanding of how to navigate through My Content in the Setup Wizard. If you need more general information on how to create and edit page content, read this first.

Design Mode Versus HTML Mode
Our Content Editor can be technically described as a ‘WYSIWYG’ editor (Pronounced Wizzy-Wig). This stands for “What You See Is What You Get”. It is called this because of how the editor, as a tool, can be used to create and format content visually in Design Mode while at the same time it is producing the HTML code that web browsers read when a page is loaded from the front-end. The HTML code being generated by the editor can be edited directly in HTML Mode by clicking the HTML button in the bottom left corner.

Note: Some instances of our editor do not contain a full toolbar or the ability to reach HTML Mode. This is by design

If you don’t have any experience with editing HTML code directly, that’s okay. In most cases, you can get away with simply pasting your HTML snippet into the very beginning or the very end of the existing code. With a little bit of care you can paste your snippet any place in between -just try not to interrupt a given set of closed brackets:

The screenshot above uses Embed code from YouTube for one of their video-players. Click here for the specific article on how to embed a Youtube video on a page.

When you’re finished inserting the code, click the Design button to the left of the HTML button to return to Design Mode. If the code is functional, you’ll either see the widget in the editor at this point, or you’ll see a placeholder where the widget will appear:

In many cases, the code doesn’t fully run when it loads in the editor. In other cases, you may not see any trace of the widget until you save your changes and view the front-end of the page as a visitor.

We cannot troubleshoot any 3rd party HTML code. If your HTML code includes references to Java or Java Script, it may work, but this will increase the chance that the code will conflict with something else running on our site. In any case, don’t be afraid to try it.