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Add Or Remove A Web Page

Your Pipeline ROI website allows you to add and remove web pages with the click of a button. The steps below outline how this is done.

Starting from the dashboard

Step 1: Under the Publish section, click on General website content.

Step 2: Then, follow steps 3-5 below to finish adding/removing a web page.

Starting from the Website backend

Step 1: Login to your Website backend.

Step 2: Click on Website in the top navigation.

Step 3: On the left-hand side, click on My Content. This list (shown below) will list all the pages you could have on your site. This includes pre-written pages and custom pages you make.

Step 4: To add a page, click the checkbox next to its name and save changes. That page is now active on your Website.

Step 5: To remove a page, just uncheck the box. It won’t show up on your Website anymore