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Pointing Your Existing Domain To Our Servers

As a Pipeline ROI customer, your site will always be accessible via [yourcompanyname] If you prefer your website to appear at www.[yourdomainname].com, you’ll need to attach a domain to your site. You have the option to attach as many domains as you wish from within the admin console (the first domain is provided for free – instructions can be found here). If you’ve purchased a domain name outside of your Pipeline ROI admin console, then this article will provide the information required to update settings at your domain host.

If you’re not comfortable or familiar with this process, contact your domain host’s support and send them a link to this document.

You’ll first need to log in to your domain host (e.g. enom, GoDaddy, etc). There is usually a DNS or URL Redirect/Forwarding section of the host’s control panel where the following changes should be made:

Preferred Settings

If your domain host offers URL Redirect/Forwarding, then you’ll create new CNAME and URL (or URL Redirect) records. Once complete, email with your Pipeline ROI customer number and domain name as the subject and “Domain redirect complete” as the body.

Record Type: CNAME
Name/Host Name: www

Record Type: URL Redirect
Name/Host Name: @
Target/Value/Address: www.yourdomain.ext (Replace yourdomain.ext with your actual domain and extension, such as

Individual instructions for domain hosts that allow URL forwarding:





Liquid Web


Alternate Settings

If your domain host does not allow URL Redirect/Forwarding, you’ll need to configure your domain’s name servers as shown below. Note: If your domain was already configured with other web services (email, FTP, VOIP, etc), you must furnish those additional settings to us first before the NS records are pointed, or you may experience an outage.

Change the NS records of your domain to the following:

Once complete, email with your Pipeline ROI customer number and domain name as the subject and “NS records updated” as the body.

If for some reason your registrar does not support or cannot configure your domain using the above options, please contact us at 866-300-1550 and we’ll try to help.