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Using E-Mail Forwarding With Your Domain

The easiest way to accept e-mail at an address on your domain is to simply have it forwarded to another e-mail address. That way, you can show an address such as but really that e-mail goes straight to your gmail account. The only downside to this method is that you can’t send messages from your domain. So, even though someone e-mails to, the reply you send will come from something like For most people, this isn’t a problem.

Log into your website admin. Then, select XSite, then Wizard, then Manage Domains.

Scroll down to the section for Your E-Mail Hosting. Next to each domain on your site is a drop down with E-mail Host options. Go to the domain you wish to set for e-mail forwarding and select the option for Email Forwarding.

You may receive a confirmation message reminding you that any CertMail addresses tied to this domain will cease functioning with this change. As long as you know where each one is to be forwarded, this is fine. The next step is where you direct the e-mail for each address. Click OK on the message.
Now, click the link for Set up email forwarding.

This is where you direct e-mail for each address. For each user, enter the public e-mail address and e-mail forwarding address. You will receive a pop-up notification for each field – just click OK on each one as you go.

Click Save when you are through entering e-mail addresses for the domain and where they should be forwarded to. You’ll get another warning about how this affects e-mail for the domain. Click OK. Then, stand by as the changes are saved – sometimes it takes a minute.
That’s all there is to it. E-mail sent to the addresses on your domain are now forwarded straight to another e-mail address.