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Why Email Marketing Matters [Video]

Pipeline ROI customers that use email marketing are closing 3x more leads than customers that don’t. So believe us when we say that email marketing matters.

75% of leads aren’t ready to buy or apply when you get them. Email marketing is the way to nurture those leads to the closing table.

One guiding principle that you should always use when using any marketing method is – Market the way you want to be marketed to. Your emails to your customers should provide relevant value and content to where they are in their transactional journey. Take another look at the statistic mentioned above. Of the leads your business will generate (through various channels) 3/4 will not be ready to make it all the way to the closing table.

How can you better those odds? Create targeted email campaigns with relevant content for your leads.

Create Marketing Groups and tie them to specific lead capture forms so people are automatically being filtered into the campaigns that fit their needs.
Make sure your emails utilize personalization, like the customer’s name so they know it’s just for them! There are easy to place tags in Promoter that will pull in information like a customer’s first name, last name, etc.
Write like you talk. How you communicate with your customers is unique to you. Capitalize on that and you’ll wind up with friendly, less “robotic” sounding emails that people will actually respond to.
Here are some other quick stats on email marketing:

Emails that are relevant to the recipient drive 18 times more revenue than general broadcast emails. (Mailigen)
Recipients decide whether your emails are attention-worthy in 0 to 3 seconds. (US Consumer Device Preference Report, Q3 2015)
Email is the preferred means of business communications across all age groups. (MarketingSherpa)
Email is 40 times more likely to acquire new customers than Facebook or Twitter. (McKinsey)