Add Listings to a Page

There are two different kinds of listings widgets you can add to any content page.

  • Content Editor Page Options -> Listings.  This is a full size display of listings results from your IDX feed or the listings you've entered manually or imported.
  • Dynamic Content Listings. This widget is a small gallery of listings you've imported into your site or entered manually and is a good way to showcase your inventory without it taking up the entire page. Click here for instructions.

Content Editor Page Options

This option is great if you want listings results to follow some other verbiage you've added to a page, such as information about the area being searched.  This option is typically used on custom pages you create but it can naturally be used on any page.

Here's how you have listings show after content on a page:

  1. In Step 5 of the Wizard, click the page on which you want the listings to appear so that the page is loaded in the content editor.
  2. Scroll past the page content and mark the box under Page Options for Listings.

  1. Once it's enabled, a button for Customize will appear.  Click Customize.

  1. Select whether you want listings from the IDX feed or your imported/manually entered listings on the page.  
  2. If using listings from IDX, you can choose to apply a quick filter or use a saved search.  Otherwise, use the available filtering options to refine which listings are shown.
  3. Next scroll down to the display preferences and choose which options for the listings you want to display such as the map and whether they are displayed in a single list or columns.

  1. When you're done choosing options, click Save.
  2. You should be returned back to the Content Editor.  Once you're done with any other edits, scroll down and click Save and Close.
  3. You should be returned to the Wizard.  Click Save above your page list once again to lock in changes to the page.

That's it.  You'll now have listings displayed with other site content for that page.


Dynamic Content Listings

With the Dynamic Listings widget enabled, your site visitors will have a quick view of properties you choose to display. It animates a selection of photos for each property, and displays a few key facts from the property information. When clicked, it takes the visitor to the listing detail for the selected property. It's an eyecatching way to showcase your properties on any page.

To enable Dynamic Listings in your Dynamic Content widgets...

  1. From your Website backend, click on Website in the top navigation. Then, click on My Content on the left-hand side.
  2. Now, open up the page you wish to add Social Media Links to.
  3. Scroll down to the Other Content Options section, check Dynamic Content, and click Customize to the right.
  4. Click on the Dynamic Listings tab, and check the box on that tab to enable this section of the Dynamic Content.
  5. In Options for this section select whether or not to use Mini-Browser Style and observe the differences in the Sample View.
  6. Choose how many photos should be displayed for each property.
  7. Click Filter Listings to select what properties should be displayed in the Dynamic Listings.
  8. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the window.

    Dynamic Listings


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