How do I setup IDX? (If we cover your MLS)

If you are in an area which we provide IDX coverage - click here for a current list of supported boards - just follow the steps below to get your IDX feed activated.

Step 1: From the dashboard, click website settings.

Step 2: Click on IDX in the top navigation.


Step 3:  Once there, click Configure MLS in the left side menu. Look for another blue link in the upper right also called "Configure MLS".


Step 4:  This next screen will ask you to choose your State, your Board, and finally your MLS.


Step 5:  Provide your Agent ID and your Office ID into the fields provided, and click Add when you've filled everything out.


Step 6:  Once you're back to the Configure MLS screen, there will be a new link with an Adobe PDF icon and the words Paperwork Needed. Click on the icon to download the required paperwork, which also includes directions on how to return it once you're done with it. Some boards may have special instructions noted on the cover letter.

Here is a video that walks you through the steps to generate your IDX paperwork for your site.


Step 7:  Return the paperwork to us either via e-mail to, or via fax to 866-213-5424. There is a fax cover page included with the PDF for your convenience.

We'll send you a confirmation once we're done processing, which will usually happen the same business day we receive the agreement from you. We'll then submit it to your MLS for final approval, and once they've approved it, we'll activate the services and will let you know when they are ready for use. The turnaround on agreement approvals depends on the MLS and could be reviewed by the MLS on the same day or may take several business days. 

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