Capturing Leads via IDX Searches

Lead capture is built-in several ways into the Pipeline ROI IDX integrations. 

  1. Anytime someone tries to save a search, they are prompted to create an account or sign in if they've already created one. This translates into a direct lead for you!
  2. If a visitor tries to save a listing they find on your site (either yours or one from the feed), they'll again be prompted to create a login or sign in.  
  3. The third method requires a minute of setup on your part, but once you adjust your Listings Lead Capture settings, a pop-up box requesting them to create an account (or sign in if they already have one) will come up. You can set this to show up after a certain number of searches, or a certain number of property views. 

Setting up pop-up lead capture on your listings

  1. From the dashboard, click on the Capture tab, then Lead capture popup.

  2. In the Listings Detail Trigger section of the Doorway Forms - Global Settings screen, choose your marketing group (Website Leads is usually best to use as default). Adjust the settings however you'd like, and then click Save


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