Flash-Based Theme

Some of the original site themes we offered were written in Adobe Flash. With many browsers moving to disable Flash content by default prior to the official 2020 deprecation date, the following image is likely what visitors to a site using a Flash-based theme will see:

Unless a site visitor is able (and willing) to manually enable Flash content (which is not possible on the vast majority of mobile devices), they won’t be able to view any of the site’s content. Not only that, but your SEO is negatively impacted if your site relies solely on Flash. Put simply, you’re losing business if you’re still using one of these themes.

The good news is that you have options. We now make beautiful, mobile-responsive home pages written natively in HTML. You can see examples here:

Sample Sites for Agents

Sample Sites for Lenders

You can upgrade to one of the new layouts by contacting our sales team at 1 (866) 300-1550. If you prefer to keep a similar design to your current Flash theme but without Flash, or just want to wait to purchase an upgraded layout, you can still use the admin console to change to one of the “Flashless” themes.

First, save a snapshot of your site by clicking Snapshot in the Pipeline ROI Website toolbar.
Select Pipeline ROI Website, then My Theme (Step 1).
Find the Flashless theme category.
Choose your desired theme.

In the Theme Preview section, select “Choose this theme.”
Click Save to save your changes.