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Overview Of The Pipeline ROI Dashboard

Agent and Mortgage XSites have recently been rebranded as Pipeline ROI and are part of the first Inbound Marketing platform specifically for Real Estate professionsals. The Pipeline ROI Dashboard is a quick way to get to all the features spread through the various products plus enable new social media integrations and analytics. To get to the dashboard, just go to your domain or site name followed by /inboundmarketing. (Ex:

Action Tabs
Action Tabs are near the top of the Dashboard. Here, you’ll find quick links to common features grouped according to inbound marketing principles.

Many of these features have been in the Pipeline Websites (which you may know as XSites) for some time – so long time users should find this a great way to get to things. But there are also important new social sharing features that are exclusive to the Pipeline Dashboard. The idea is to make it easy to tell people about your content and drive people to your site. For example, instead of going to a specific listing in your XSite admin (or to the front end of your site) and sharing it to Facebook, you can do it right here in the dashboard.

If you want to learn how to use any of the features in a particular tab, just click the video. First, an overview of the tools will play – but from there, you can click links for any specific item.

Social Media Profile Integration
While e-mail still has its place, most people find out about things through Facebook and Twitter now – so you’ll want to use the Social Media sharing features now in the Pipeline ROI Dashboard. Just click the configuration menu by your name and select Social Media Profiles to get started.

We’ve also integrated Facebook login so you can “Login with Facebook” instead of remembering your Pipeline ROI username and password once you’ve configured the Pipeline ROI Dashboard with your Facebook account.

Extra Analysis Tools
We’re designing the Pipeline Dashboard to be the focal point of your Inbound Marketing activities – and one of those activities is simply seeing how you did. While we’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for the dashboard, our first release gives you important information not previously available in the Pipeline ROI platform.

Site Traffic. Get a graphical representation of how many people are visiting your site, along with insight as to how they are finding you.

Inbound Links. If the Internet is a popularity contest, then inbound links are the votes. The MOZLinks service is a well-know provider of inbound link data – instead of you having to manage your own subscription, your Pipeline ROI website ties into the MOZ service and keeps you up to date on which sites are linking to yours. Initially – especially if you haven’t been trying to get people to link to your site – you may see your stats are kind of low in this area. But as you create content and build a following, you will see them grow, and you should see a boost to your website traffic and reach with each new site linking to yours.

Promoter Stats. E-mail continues to be the cornerstone of a lot of marketing – mainly because it works. The Pipeline ROI Promoter (formerly known as XSellerate) has always sent out a weekly summary of your campaign activity. Now, you can see it real time in your dashboard. Know how many people viewed your message and clicked any links in it – or (unfortunately) unsubscribed.

How to get to the Pipeline ROI Dashboard
To get to the Pipeline ROI Dashboard, go to your browser and type your domain followed by/inboundmarketing. (ex: Login with your username and password, and you’re in.