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Logging Into Your Pipeline ROI Dashboard

Getting logged into your Pipeline ROI management Dashboard is simple. You’ll just need access to your e-mail and any Internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).

Step 1: Go to your e-mail and look for an e-mail from Pipeline_ROI. The subject line will be Welcome to Pipeline ROI. If you don’t see it right away, check your spam or junk mail folders. Sometimes e-mail services route our messages there by mistake.

Here’s an example of what the e-mail will look like in Gmail.

Once you’ve opened the message there are three important things to note in our e-mail.
A link to begin the process of collaborating with our Design Team to build your website.
Your username and password for logging into your Inbound Marketing Dashboard.
A link to your Inbound Marketing Dashboard.
An example of the e-mail is below so you can see exactly where each important item is located.

Step 2: When you click the login link at the bottom of our e-mail, your default Internet browser will automatically fire up a page with areas for your username and password. And if it’s your first time to log in, you’ll need to accept our End User

Once you’ve entered your Username and Password, simply click Log in and you’re all done.