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Adding Google Analytics To Your Website

Installing a Google Tracking Code on Your Site

Create a Google Analytics account. – You can do this with any current Google/YouTube/Gmail account information.
Once you create the account for your site, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can grab your tracking code.

If we’ve completed a custom setup of the site for your (Theme Architect), then the Design Team will insert the code for you in the proper location and email you once they are done. Copy the code in its entirety (including both “script” tags) and email with your customer number, website address (domain), and the script.

If you have not purchased a custom setup (Theme Architect), sign into your site as the admin, and navigate to ‘PROI Website’ -> ‘Site Footer’. Check the box to enable a custom footer, then use the Customize button to reach the editor. In the editor, click the HTML button in the bottom left before pasting the code from Google.