Pointing your existing domain to our servers

Start by accessing the DNS configuration tools at your domain registrar's website (GoDaddy, etc. - Wherever you purchased/registered your domain).  You should have a Login ID and Password from when you first signed up with them. From there, change the settings on your domain to match what's listed below in this doc.  In many cases, your domain provider will be able to update these settings for you. If you're not comfortable with this process, contact them, and send them a link to this document.

Preferred Settings

If your registrar offers URL redirection for your domain records, it's best to forward your record to your www CNAME record. If your registrar permits this, set your domain's www record to  Now, forward your @ record to your www record.

Alternate Settings

If your domain provider does not allow you to redirect your @ record to your www record, apply the following settings to your domain.

Type of Website Enter this for @ "A" Record
FlexApp 1003

Type of Website WWW CNAME Record
FlexApp 1003


NOTE: Once your changes are complete, you must send an e-mail to and notify us so we can configure our servers to respond to requests for your domain. Be sure to include your Pipeline ROI customer number and domain name in your message to us.

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