Updating your domain settings to use our new server addresses

We updated our server addresses in October of 2015.  The old addresses still work for now, but you should reconfigure your domain with the new settings to ensure that your site continues to function.

This article is intended for customers that manage their own DNS settings and are still pointing to our old addresses.  If you are trying to point an existing domain to your site for the first time, please click here.

You'll need to sign into your domain registrar or reseller dashboard to update these settings.  If you require further assistance with logging in or applying these settings, please contact your registrar or reseller.  You may consider sending this information to them directly.

Our Old addresses:

Type: A
Name: @
Target/Value: 66.210.x.x


Name: www
Target/Value: or

Our New/Current addresses:

Type: URL
Name: @
Target/Value: www.yourdomain.ext

If the registrar does not support or is not able to configure the above record, apply this instead:

Type: A
Name: @

In either case, finish up with adding the following record:

Name: www
Target/Value: (or if you have a Flex site.)

If your domain was already associated with your site in our database, no further action is required on our end.

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