How do I activate auto-responders in Lead Manager?

Autoresponders allow you to automatically respond to your leads by sending out e-mails to them automatically. To enable these follow the steps below.


Enabling Autoresponders 

  1. While logged in as the admin, click on Leads, then Sources below that. Open the source you want to activate Autoresponders for and go to step 4 - Autoresponders.  
  2. To edit your auto-response, click View/Edit.  A window appears, allowing you to customize your auto-response.


Testing Autoresponders 


  1. To test your auto-response, click Test and enter your e-mail address then click Send.


Copying Autoresponders 

  1. To duplicate an earlier auto-response, click Copy from Source.  A new window opens allowing you to choose the lead source you wish to copy the auto-response from.

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