Use an existing domain

First, do this to get prepared.

Retrieve your account login info for your domain name control panel.
For most, this is the login for their registrar (i.e. GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc) but if you got your domain from a previous website provider, you may need to contact them for this information. 

Now, point your domain to your site! 

There are two methods for pointing your domain:

  1. Give us DNS Hosting Priveleges - Pointing your Name Server (NS) records to us grants us the privilege of configuring all other records on the domain. Don’t select this option if you are hosting email on your domain as it will interrupt mail service.

  2. Individual Records - Preferred, involves configuring individual 'A', and 'CNAME' records. Choose this option to point to us for website hosting while leaving your email where it is.

Method 1:  Give us DNS Hosting Privileges

NOTE: Pointing your domain to your Website will not result in Pipeline ROI taking over your domain's management. You'll still be responsible for renewing it separately with the company from whom you purchased it.

Prepare your XSite

Step 1: Log into your Website's admin and click PROI Website in the toolbar at the top.


Step 2: Click the Manage Domains button in the Content pane to the left.

Step 3: Click Manage and Purchase Domains.


Once you're in Your Website Domain Pool, the next steps will differ depending on whether or not this is the first domain you've added to your Website:
  • If you've already added a domain to your Website:
    1. Click Add Existing Domain.
    2. In the next window, type the domain in the field provided and click Submit Domain for Hosting.
  • If this is your first domain:
    1. Select Use existing domain, type the domain in the field provided, and click Check Availability.
    2. Read and acknowledge the ICANN compliance notice and click Add to Website.
  1. Repeat Step 4 if you have multiple domains to add to your Website.

After you submit your domain(s) to be added to your Website, you'll see some instructions.  The instructions are also in this document, so simply close the window and continue with the steps here.

Now, you'll need to change the settings with your domain provider to point your domain to your website.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Since every domain provider is different, our technicians won't necessarily be able to help you navigate their site and will refer you to their support if you can't find where to change a setting.

The following instructions will change your domain website hosting to your Website and clear out any domain e-mail settings you have configured for that domain. This may cause your e-mail to be offline for a day or more and require reconfiguration of your e-mail client (i.e. Outlook) due to different server names and passwords. For instructions on changing your website hosting independently of your e-mail, see method number two below.

Start by accessing your DNS configuration tools at your registrar's website.  You should have a Login ID and Password from when you first signed up with them. From there, change the settings on your domain to those listed below.


Primary Name Server:


Secondary Name Server:


Additional Name Server:
(if your registrar lets you have have more than 2.)

It takes 24 to 48 hours for your name server changes to propagate throughout the Internet.  Once you start the transfer process in the Website Wizard, our servers will check every couple of hours to see if that change has been registered with the rest of the world.  Once the change is made, we'll send an e-mail to the address listed in your customer account.

  • While changes propagate throughout the web, it's possible some site visitors will see a "parked" page generated by our registrar.  This is due to the potential visitor's ISP not yet recognizing that your website is now going to a different host.  Naturally, we can't control this, but it usually only lasts a day at most.
  • While the changes ripple through the Internet, it's also possible that e-mail to your domain will be interrupted.  This, too, is a normal side effect of changing web hosts and is beyond our control.
  • You can still work on Website content while waiting for your domain to transfer.  Simply login using the information sent in your order confirmation.  If you didn't sign up for a new domain, you'll be prompted, but all you have to do is select the option that indicates you want to set up the domain later.

If, after 10 days, we can't detect the changes were made with your registrar, we'll send an e-mail notifying you that the domain transfer was cancelled.  In the event the domain transfer is cancelled, you'll want to ensure your registrar made the necessary changes and then resubmit the domain. 


Method 2: Individual Records

Start by accessing your DNS configuration tools at your registrar's website.  You should have a Login ID and Password from when you first signed up with them. From there, change the settings on your domain to those listed below.  If you're not comfortable with performing this process, contact your domain provider to make these changes for you.

Preferred Settings

If your registrar offers URL Redirection for your domain records, it's best to forward your @record to your www CNAME record. If your registrar permits this, set your domain's www record to the appropriate address for your type of Website from the following table.

Website Market WWW CNAME Record
FlexApp 1003

Then, forward your @ record to your www record.

Alternate Settings

If your domain provider does not allow you to redirect your @ record to your www record, apply the following settings to your domain.

Type of Website Enter this for @ "A" Record
FlexApp 1003

Type of Website WWW CNAME Record
FlexApp 1003


NOTE: Once your changes are complete, you must send an e-mail to and notify us so we can configure our servers to respond to requests for your domain. Be sure to include your Pipeline ROI customer number and domain name in your message to us.

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