Creating an Open House

To create an open house...

  1. Open any existing listing for editing.
  2. On the General Properties tab, scroll to the Schedule your next open house section.

    Open House
  3. Enter the date of the open house, or, click the calendar icon, and select the date.
  4. Enter the start and end times for the open house.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Save and Continue.
      Note: When you save the listing, you may be notified about a marketing opportunity. While this is handy, it is not the Open House marketing opportunity. If you just want to continue creating the Open House campaign, click No. Click here to learn more about this marketing opportunity.  
  6. Now your listing will display the open house details on the listing information page, where visitors can click Register Today for more information about the property - which adds their information to the Open House Leads contact group for easy organization and marketing opportunities.

    Open House Listing
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