How do I setup IDX? (If we DON'T cover your MLS)

If you're not in an area where we provide IDX coverage - click here for a current list of supported boards - just follow the steps below to make sure you can show listings on your site.

There are several options available even if we don't have a data feed with your board/MLS.

  1. IDX Framing Link
    1. You can contact your board/MLS to see if they offer IDX Framing Links for your use. These may also be known as "IDX Links" or "Smart Links." These are links that your board populates with listing data, which we then display on your site. Since the IDX link comes from your board, we don't have access to change the listing data on it or the formatting of the data, but rest assured, it is displayed on your site for your visitors.
  2. iHomefinder IDX
    1. iHomefinder IDX is a 3rd party IDX vendor that can be configured right in your website admin. Click here to see if they have a data feed set up with your board. Since you're setting up iHomefinder on the site you purchased with us, you get a discount off the price you'll see on their site. To get started setting up iHomefinder IDX, click here and select "iHomefinder IDX by a la mode" and "Create an account and the paperwork process" from the two dropdown menus.
  3. Other
    1. If you don't want to use either of those options, you can also sign up with another 3rd party IDX vendor. You can contact your board to see if they have a list of IDX vendors that already have IDX feeds set up with them. Once you find a vendor, you should be able to get an IDX link from them that we can use to display listing data on your site.
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