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Setting Up IHomefinder IDX

This document explains how to create an iHomefinder account, and the associated paperwork process to enabling iHomefinder on your Pipeline ROI website.

Before following the steps in this document, verify that we don’t offer IDX through our custom IDX solution by clicking here.

We have a relationship with iHomefinder, an independent IDX Vendor, which allows us to resell their services to our website users at a discounted rate. Usually, direct iHomefinder pricing starts out at $39/month, while the basic Pipeline ROI iHomefinder price starts at $35/month. Keep in mind that prices can vary depending on the MLS, as some boards charge additional fees that may be built into your iHomefinder invoices.

Many of their tools are built into your Pipeline ROI website admin, but they also have their own admin tools for more control over the IDX experience. With their customization options, this is a great choice over your MLS’s in-house IDX services (which usually aren’t very feature-rich). Additionally, this can be an alternative if Pipeline ROI IDX isn’t currently available in your area.

If you’re ready to get signed up for iHomefinder IDX, follow the below instructions:

Log into the admin area of your Pipeline ROI website.
Click the Listings tab at the top, then click IDX from the sub-menu that appears.
Choose your State from the drop down list.
Pick your Board/MLS next. Make sure you select the option that includes “Supported by iHomefinder”
Once you have selected the board you should see a NEW button. Click on New and follow the prompts to create your account.
When finished, if there is any paperwork that is required before your account can be activated it will be sent to your e-mail address with any remaining instructions.
Once your iHomefinder account is created, send an email to letting us know the iHomefinder account has been created. Be sure to include your Pipeline ROI customer number and the name of the Board/MLS that you configured on your iHomefinder account.

Once the paperwork has been processed, iHomefinder will contact Pipeline ROI to let us know we can setup your IDX tools for you. When we’re done configuring iHomefinder IDX on your Pipeline ROI website, we’ll notify you that your iHomefinder IDX setup is complete.