Inbound Marketing Methodology Old 1

Finding Your Target Audience

When it comes to online marketing for your business, you’re better off defining your own market/niche than trying to compete on the same generic playing field with the rest of your competition. The best way to make your own “rules” to the game is to define who it is you’re targeting beyond the simple “Buyers/Sellers” scenario.

You create the personas to put yourself in the shoes of an imagined customer. What are their goals, wants, and needs? The more you can fit your site’s content to meet those needs the more leads your site will capture. We’ve even created an ebook to help you out!

Creating targeted customer personas helps you narrow down what sort of keywords to optimize your site content for and helps you compete for organic search ranking using terms your target customers will actually use.

Targeting doesn’t mean that you’re going to be turning anyone away that doesn’t fit your ideal customer “persona”. It helps you create targeted content that attracts more of the kinds of customers you enjoy working with by giving helping you stay focused on their needs.

Your website can also target more than one type of customer, you just create a persona for each customer market you’re targeting. Below are some examples to get you started of some of the more specific ways you can target various groups with your marketing efforts. Your only limit is your imagination!

Ideas for going beyond the normal “buyer/seller” generalities –


First-Time Buyers
Second Home Seekers
Luxury Buyers
Hi-Rise/Condo Buyers
Business Relocation
Military Relocation
Investment Property Buyers

First Time Sellers / Selling Your First Home
Luxury Sellers
Selling Vacation Property
Relocation (Business, Military)
Growing Family / Empty Nesters
Hi-Rise/Condo Sellers

Golf Communities
Military / First Responders
Hi-Rise / Condo
Neighborhood / Community Specific
Outdoor Living
Beach / Waterfront