Inbound Marketing Methodology Old 2

Intro To The Inbound Marketing Dashboard

Welcome to the Pipeline ROI Inbound Marketing dashboard. The dashboard serves as a portal to all the most important marketing areas of your platform. To access this page, simply type your URL, followed by /inboundmarketing.

As you can see, the dashboard itself is organized using the steps of the inbound methodology – publish, promote, capture, nurture, and analyze. Each tab contains buttons that send you directly to the area you need in the “back end” of your platform, saving you time and energy.

Let’s take a look at each tab and the buttons it contains:

Publish. The publish tab provides you with everything you need to put content on your website, whether it’s a new blog post, a new website content page, or listings and IDX searches.

Promote. The promote tab is the place to go when you want to share your site’s content through e-mail and social media.

Capture. The capture tab allows you to add landing pages and forms onto your site so that you can capture visitors’ information.

Nurture. The nurture tab is where you need to go to keep in touch with your current contacts and manage your leads.

Analyze. You can see a lot of analytical information from your site along the bottom of every page. However, for more in depth statistics, you can journey to the areas in the back end that will give you more detailed information.

Within each of these tabs are videos explaining that area of the inbound marketing process itself, as well as many videos that walk you through the technical steps needed to get started.

The dashboard is the place to go for performing all of the most essential tasks of your inbound marketing strategy. Everything is in one place for your convenience and is in a beautiful, simple format that’s easy to understand.