Lead Capture 1

Configuring Doorway Form Settings

To access the doorway form settings you will navigate to the Lead Capture section. This can be found by selecting Website on the dashboard menu, and then Lead Capture at the top of the page.

  1. There are 3 ways to activate doorway forms on your site: the page counter trigger, listing detail trigger, and on a page-by-page basis

Page Counter Trigger

This can be activated under the Page View Settings by checking the box to “Activate the page counter trigger” (1).

You can then select how many pages someone has to visit before this is triggered (2)

What form will be displayed (3)

And then what group that contact will become a member of (4).

You can also select whether or not the form is required and what pages will be included in the counter (content and/or listing pages)

Listing Detail Trigger

The doorway form settings for listings can be activated in this section.

(1) Here you can select what marketing group anyone who completes the form will be added to.

(2) You can then select how often the form will appear, and whether it will be triggered by listings details, searches, or both.

(3) The final section allows you to determine whether or not this form will be required to be completed before the user can continue searching

Individual Page Doorway Form Settings

Under the trigger settings you can find individual settings for each page for lead capture and doorway forms. To enable doorway forms on a page, click the page you are wanting to add a doorway form to, then you can select the form and contact group that it will be associated with from the drop-down menus on the right.