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How Do I Create An EBook Landing Page?

One simple and effective way to capture leads on your website is by using one of our provided eBook landing pages. These pages are designed to offer visitors an eBook (Staying Approved, FICO, etc.) in exchange for their contact information. Follow the steps below to get one setup today.

Starting from the Dashboard

Under the Capture tab at the top of the dashboard, click on eBook Landing Page.

In the window that pops up you can customize your landing page as much or as little as you wish. When you are done, just click Save and Close at the bottom. You can always come back and make changes to this so don’t worry about it being perfect yet.

After you’ve created an ebook landing page, make sure it is an active link on your site. You should see the name of the landing page you created checked as an active web page in the Custom pages tab.

To view your landing page, go to your website and find the link or button going to that page. If you wish to put the link under a different tab, you can do this back in the website backed. Just click on Organize Content on the left-hand side to do so.