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How Do I Capture Leads From My EBook Landing Page?

You’ve built an eBook landing page to capture leads. You’ve sent it out there in the world to be discovered. Then, you’ve….well, now what?

Any landing page needs visitors or web traffic to capture leads. If you don’t have people visiting the page, they won’t ever know you have an eBook to offer, and they won’t ever register for it. You can generate traffic to these landing pages in two ways:

Organic, inbound way
Paid traffic
Both ways work and it probably isn’t a bad idea to do a little of both. If you choose to go the organic, inbound way, you need to create lots of content (blogs, social media posts, etc.) to draw people to your website and/or your landing page. You also need to promote that landing page through social media. This method takes more time but it’s free and you’ll end up with a longer-term benefit.

On the other side, you can invest some money to attract traffic to the landing page. Run a Facebook ad promoting your eBook or purchase some Google Ad space to drive traffic there. This method is quicker but costs money.

Once you have figured out the best method or mix of methods for your business, you’ll have traffic hitting your eBook landing page. Then, the page takes care of the rest. People can easily sign up through a form to get the eBook with no effort on your end.