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Managing IDX Lead Capture Settings

To decide when a lead capture is presented to visitors on your IDX searching properties, follow the instructions below. You’ll find some bonus “General Tips” at the bottom.

This job is done from your Website backend. From there, click on Website in the top navigation.
In the smaller tool bar at the top of the page, click on the Lead Capture link.
On the left-hand side, click on Global Settings.
In the section labeled Listing Detail Trigger you can decide when a lead capture form is presented to people searching properties on your IDX.

General Tips

Marketing Group is the group of contacts leads from your IDX funnel into. This makes it easy to add all IDX generated leads to e-mail campaigns.
“After every N listing details” means a capture form pops up after someone clicks on N listings to see more details.
“After N listing searches” means a capture form pops up after someone performs N searches.
“At the very beginning” means a capture form pops up as soon as someone navigates to your IDX before they do anything.
The Required registration options decide if the form that is displayed is optional (meaning it can be skipped) or required after a visitor sees it so many times (must be filled out).