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Configuring Lead Manager For One Person

Lead Manager is an excellent tool for teams and brokerages to aggregate and distribute leads. It also has valuable use for a single person. Not only can you collect your leads from any source in one spot, you also have a lead management system to help you track those leads and see what sources are producing the most results.

This document explains how to go about setting up Lead Manager for one person.

NOTE – after you complete these steps, you’ll have prepared Lead Manager to receive leads from your lead providers. You have NOT started sending those leads into the system. Click here to see how to automatically send leads into the system.

Login to Lead Manager by going to www.pipelineroi-leadmanager.com/login.
Click on Agents and then Add Agent in the center at the top of the empty list of agents.

Fill in the information for this new agent, which is just you. All you have to enter is first name, last name, e-mail (different than one used for admin), and cell number with mobile carrier.

Click Save. You should receive a welcome e-mail with a username and password for you as the agent. Keep that username and password because you’ll need it to access leads on your phone.
Now, you need to set up your lead sources. Click on Leads and then below that click on Sources.

For each lead source you have in the real world, you’ll need to create a similar source here in Lead Manager. Start by clicking the Add Source button.
Type in the name of the source and an estimated cost greater than $0.

On the next step, Capture Method, select Email and in the bottom right, select the Lead Provider this source matches up with.

Go to the third step for Lead Routing. For these next few steps, you can enter any settings you want, but you’ll be safe if you copy the settings shown in the images below as described. Select Yes, automatically route leads and in the second section using Round Robin.
In the spaces under Ground Rules, set the values to 1440 minutes and 24 hours.

Now in the final section, add yourself to the routing order on the right and save this source. Rinse and repeat for the rest of your sources.