Lead Manager Old 15

How Do I Manually Add A Lead In Lead Manager?

Follow the instructions below to manually add a lead:

From the Overview section of the Leads tab, click Add Lead.
Click Add Lead

In the Add Lead screen, fill out the Contact Info, Lead Info, and set the Lead Status (if known).
When you’re finished, click Next to add any notes, configure updates, and adjust how the lead is assigned. At minimum, you must enter a First Name, and either a Phone Number or E-mail Address at which the contact can be reached.
Basic Info and Status

In the Notes & Updates section, enter any New Notes on the lower left and adjust the Current Update Due Date on the upper right:

In the Assignment section, decide how the lead is distributed. If you tagged the lead as being from a specific Lead Source which has routing rules set up, you can choose Assign to next in line to route the lead based on those rules. Otherwise, you’ll have to manually assign the lead to one person.

Once you have selected how to assign the lead, click Save.