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How Do I Add Agents To The Lead Manager?

Before you jump into all 4 steps of these instructions, you need to have a few things prepared. To enter a new agent, you’ll need two things:

Agent’s Name (First, Last)
Agent’s e-mail address (also their login)
The Agent email address MUST be different from the Admin email address.
This is enough to create an account for the agent. One you do that, the newly minted agent has a username and login to access and finish filling out their profile. Probably the ONLY other piece of information you might want to enter for them is their mobile phone number. If you do this, you MUST have their cell carrier. If you don’t do this, the agent can do it on their end later. Now, on to the directions…

Login to Lead Manager by going to www.pipelineroi-leadmanager.com/login
On the top navigation, click on Agents. Once the page loads, click on Add Agent.

This is where you type in that information mentioned above (Name and E-mail Address).

Click Save Changes to save the agent’s profile and the system sends them an e-mail with their username, password, and a link to login with. Done!