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How Do I Create A Team In Lead Manager?

Teams are several agents that wish to work together on leads. Any leads assigned to the team are seen by all members of that team. Leads can still be assigned to individual agents on the team as leads only they can work. This is important to note because if 3 agents have 100 leads each and are then put on a team together, they won’t instantly see each other’s leads because those leads are not assigned to the team rather the individual agent.

Groups are another way to manage agents. For more information on groups, click here.

Adding Teams
To add a new Team:

After you’ve logged into Lead Manager as the admin, click on Agents at the top and right below that click on Teams.
Click Add Team in the upper left corner.

On the Add Team screen and enter the team name.
Add agents to the team by clicking the names on the left and clicking Add. To add multiple agents at once, press and hold the Ctrl key and click the agent names. Click Add.
Adding Teams

Click Save to save the new team.
To return to the team page, click Return to Teams.

Editing Teams
To edit a team:

Click the pencil EditingS Teams next to the team you want to edit.
Click Pencil

Make any edits, such as, adding or removing agents and changing the team name.
Editing Teams

When you’re finished editing, click Save, and then click Return to Teams.