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How Do I Create Groups In Lead Manager?

Groups are an easy way to categorize and manage large groups of agents. Some examples are “veteran agents”, “new hires”, “North Office”, “Top Producers”. You can then add a group to a lead rotation instead of doing so agent by agent. Agents in a group operate just like agents outside of the group – they see and manage their own leads and no one else’s.

Teams are a bit different than groups in that a lead assigned to a team can be seen and managed be anyone on that team. That is the key distinction between Teams and Groups.

If you want to know how to create Teams, click here. Otherwise, the directions below explain how to create groups.

Adding Groups
After you’ve logged into Lead Manager as the admin, click on Agents at the top and right below that click on Groups.
Click Add Group in the upper left.
Add Group

Enter the name of the group.
Add agents to the group by clicking the names on the left and clicking Add. To add multiple agents at once, press and hold the Ctrl key and click the agent names. Click Add.
Add Group Options

Click Save to save the new group.
To return to the group page, click Return to Groups.

Editing Groups
To edit a group:

Click the pencil EditingS Teams next to the group you want to edit.
Make any edits needed, like adding or removing agents and changing the group name.
When you’re finished editing, click Save, and then click Return to Groups.
Edit Groups