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How Do I Enable The Suspension System In Lead Manager?

The Suspension tab has the options to enable or disable the suspension rules for your agents. Here you’ll also set your Basic Rules and enable or disable the Authorization options.

To access these controls, just login to Lead Manager and click on Suspension in the top navigation.

Suspension Overview

Basic Rules

of times an agent can fail to accept or reject a lead – If an agent repeatedly fails to accept or reject leads offered to them, they are put on suspension. This prevents leads from being ignored during the crucial first contact period.

of lead updates an agent can miss – After an agent misses a certain number of scheduled updates on their leads, they are put on suspension. This ensures leads are kept up to date and helps prevent “one call and done” scenarios.

Once on suspension, # of days it will last – Suspension time can be as long or short as you wish. Agents in suspension do not receive new leads but they can still manage the leads they have.

of days suspension infractions counts against an agent – Late updates and failures to respond to lead offers only count against an agent for the specified period of time. After that, the infractions are removed from the agent’s record and no longer count towards suspension.

Before an agent is suspended, you must authorize it. Activating this option means no agent is suspended without your approval. You’ll receive an e-mail notification when an agent meets the requirements for suspension. The e-mail provides a link to the Agent’s profile so you can review the infraction and decide if you want to approve or deny the suspension.
Before a suspension is lifted, you must authorize it. The process for removing a suspension after a specific time period is similar to the process above. You’ll receive an e-mail when the suspension time is up and can decide then whether to remove the suspension or keep it active.
Suspension Rules

Click Save Changes to save your settings.