Lead Manager Old 7

How Do I Manage The Office Lead Routing Settings In Lead Manager?

These settings are universal controls set by the admin. You can access them by clicking on Settings in the top right and then Routing Settings below that.

Office Lead Routing Hours – This is where you set the time when leads are routed. This ensures that leads are only sent to agents during the times you specify. Leads that come in outside of the hours you set are held until your office is open again. If you have the suspension option activated, agents are responsible for responding to leads they are offered during these hours. So if you have routing enabled at 2AM, you are expecting agents to accept/decline leads at that time. Click Save at the bottom when you are finished.
Routing Settings

Lead Update Guidelines – When Lead Update Guidelines are activated, agents are required to update leads based on the frequency specified. For example, if the cold leads update frequency is set to 15 days, then agents must update cold leads at least every 15 days. Agents can also update leads more often if they choose to. If the guidelines are inactive, agents can schedule lead updates at their own discretion. Click Save at the bottom when you are finished.
Routing Settings

Pre-acceptance Lead Information – This determines what information agents can see before they accept a lead. If you select a piece of information to be shown, we will display that information to agents before they even accept a lead.