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How To Configure Chrome To Open Loan Applications

If you’d like to use Chrome to sign into your site and retrieve the .PDF of a loan application, you’ll need to follow these steps.

Why is this necessary?
The ‘Print 1003’ button is not a direct link to a .PDF. It’s a direct link to an .xfdf file that contains your borrower’s data and a link to the same 1003.pdf that we use for displaying every application. Chrome does not handle the process of layering your borrower’s data onto the 1003 correctly, so we have to change the default application for handling .xfdf files in Windows to Internet Explorer.

To change the default program for opening .xfdf files:

Left-Click the Print 1003 button. By default, Chrome should open a new window that displays a download prompt in the bottom left corner. Left-Click the prompt’s arrow, and click Show in Folder. Your default Downloads folder should open, and the .xfdf file should be selected.

Right-click the .xfdf file, Left-Click Properties make sure you’re on the General tab of the Properties window that appears, click Change near the top, and select Internet Explorer. You may have to click the arrow to display Other Programs if Internet Explorer is not immediately visible.

The next time that you attempt to click Print 1003 while using Chrome, click the download arrow again, and this time, click Open.

A new Internet Explorer should now appear, and display the 1003. If you do not immediately see any of your applicant’s data, click here for more information.
If you’re still experiencing any issues with this, please give us a call at 866-300-1550.