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Blank 1003

If you’re trying to view a Loan Application by clicking the Print 1003 button but getting a blank 1003 form, continue reading to see the reason this occurs and how to load the borrower information on the form.

Why this happens:

Unlike most cases when you try to view a PDF online, we’re taking the extra step to securely layer borrower information on top of a non-secure blank 1003 form. Because of this, Adobe Reader requires that you allow this secure data to be loaded.

To see the borrower information on your form:

Be sure you’re using the Internet Explorer browser.
Be sure your copy of Adobe Reader is completely up to date. (to check this, open Adobe, click Help from the top menu, then click Check For Updates).
After verifying that your copy of Adobe Reader is up to date, Login to your site admin.
Click the Loan Apps tab at the top of the screen.
Select the Loan Application you’d like to view.
Click the Print 1003 button that shows up on the bottom half of your screen.
When the form opens in your browser, look for an exclamation mark that appears on the left side of your screen. [see screenshot]

Click the exclamation mark to see a message saying “Data from this site is blocked to avoid potential security risks. If you trust this document, add the host “[yoursitename]” to Privileged Locations (in Enhanced Security preferences) to receive data.” This message is generated by Adobe Reader.
If you click the Options button that displays on the right hand side of the message, you’ll get two options:
Trust this document one time only
Add host to Privileged Locations
Click “Trust this document one time only” to quickly see the borrower data on the form, or Click “Add host to Privileged Locations”
If you’re unable to see the exclamation mark:

Uninstall and reinstall Adobe Reader, and try to access the Loan Application again to see if the exclamation mark shows up. (Go to to install Adobe Reader).
If you’re still experiencing any issues, try resetting your Internet Explorer browser.
If further assistance is needed with either of these two steps, please contact a local technician.

If you’re still experiencing any issues with viewing the borrower data on the form, please give us a call at 866-300-1550.