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Mortgage Blog Examples, Part Two

From the Pipeline ROI Blog…We introduced you to four mortgage companies last month that are using their blogs to establish thought leadership, educate potential borrowers, and increase their search rankings. Here are four more mortgage blogs to inspire you to write. These mortgage sites range from military mortgage specialists to banks. But what they all have in common is great content. Check them out.

Fairway Independent Mortgage

Based in Grand Junction, Colorado, Fairway Independent Mortgage is led by Darrin Wade. A Military Mortgage Specialist, Fairway Independent Mortgage may be best known for giving away a mortgage to a much deserving veteran. They specialize in home loans, VA loans, FHA 203K loans, and refinancing. Topics range from blog post for first time home buyers, mortgage rate information, and how to find a mortgage lender. They’ve chosen smart keywords. There’s no doubt the blog contributes to their SEO rankings and, most importantly, getting found by prospective borrowers. If they asked for advice from us, I’d recommend they include blog posts that have keywords and content that is hyperlocal for Grand Junction, Boulder, Denver, and other surrounding cities. Also, content that is specific to any mortgage changes (if any) in their state of Colorado.

Barton Creek Lending is located in Austin, TX, and led by managing partner Tommy O’Donnell. Best known for their condo loans, they also specialize in Conventional, Jumbo, VA, and home equity. Blog post topics range from educating first-time borrowers to savvy homeowners looking to refinance. They’ve chosen good keywords: mortgage, PMI, refinancing, and 401K that help with their SEO. I think they could achieve even greater results from their blog if they focused on hyperlocal keywords and content that borrowers in their market could relate to.

Great Basin Federal Credit Union is located in Reno, Nevada area. Even though we specialize in working with mortgage brokers, I want to highlight this bank’s blog. They’re doing a lot of things really well here that could easily be adapted by a local mortgage broker. They have a good mix of educational content on home equity loans and how to get mortgage rates. They also address kitchen table issues, like saving for back to school shopping, etc. By highlighting a local business who received a business loan, they boost their hyperlocal SEO. You could accomplish much the same thing by having by highlighting a new customer, a first time home owner, a long-time customer, or a veteran. They have a great mix, the only advice would be ‘keep blogging’ at least once per week, twice if you’re able.

Serving the high-end San Diego market, Michael Deery is a well-known for his industry insight and ability to drill down on complicated subjects. Michael takes the time to create charts and include data for prospective customers who appreciate the financial insight. Michael’s customers must be interested in the nuances of different loan programs, etc. Check out his page and see the level of detail he puts into most of the posts. Michael also saves time by using infographics (with permission) typically used by real estate agents and provides the financial implications of the data being presented. Full disclosure: I wish Michael was Pipeline ROI customer. I think with his great content, we could help him attract and gain more of the high-end customers he serves in San Diego and Orange County.