Pages In Random Order Or Cut Off At Letter Size When Printing From Calyx Point To SureDocs

Calyx Point includes a special print setting whenever your print your loan files that allows you to order the print job based on the paper size for each document. While this is often a useful feature when printing a hard copy to a printer that’s capable of handling both legal and letter size documents, it may cause unusual effects whenever you’re creating a PDF file from your loan documents.

This document explains the cause of out of order or cut off pages when printing from Calyx Point and explains how to fix this problem.

The symptoms you can experience with this problem are:

Pages print out of order
Legal size documents are cut off at letter size
This problem is caused by the Print in Order of Paper size setting inside Point’s print screen. To rectify the problem:

Open your loan file in Calyx Point
Print the documents as usual and specify that you want to print them to the SureDocs printer (as usual when printing to SureDocs)
Uncheck the Print in Order of Paper Size box at the bottom of the screen.
Click Print to print your documents into a SureDocs PDF

 Remember that you can always manually reorder the pages in your SureDocs PDF using the tools built into SureDocs.