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Inbound Marketing For Real Estate Pros

You’ve seen the shift that real estate marketing has made already. Agents who depend solely on face-to-face interaction and referrals are falling behind, and being outsold by agents with tens of thousands of Twitter followers and a high-traffic blog. These people are aware of and have adapted to the new home buying process that consumers now use.

Gone are the days of contacting a real estate agent as soon as you decide you want to buy. Now, most customers have an idea of what neighborhood, what home size, and what counter top finish they want before they even contact an agent.

And they won’t be calling you, oh no. They’ll go to Google first. You better believe the ones at the top of that search list are getting the most hits. After the Google search, they’ll browse around the website and stumble across their blog. Top 10 Pizza places in the city? Best happy hours? Wow, this agent really knows their stuff. Now, let’s look them up on Facebook. Woah, 1,300 likes! This agent is popular. But don’t worry, YOU can be that agent too. All it takes is a little strategy. We’ll go through the 6 steps of inbound that every agent should follow.

They are…

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