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Create A Culture Of Accountability: 6 Simple Ideas For Your Brokerage

Creating a culture of accountability is paramount if you plan on building a brokerage that grows year after year. As the leader of your company, there will always be critical marketing, sales, finance, and strategy items that you have to focus on. Each time you become distracted with hand-holding a transaction, or a low performing agent, that’s time that you’re not focusing on growing your business and building a dominant brand.

There’s good news, though. Creating a culture of accountability isn’t as difficult or nebulous as it sounds. It won’t happen overnight, and it will require planning and consistency. But in a few months when your team is tackling those tough deals without your help, and new agents are learning the ropes without your 24×7 input, you’ll be happy you made the commitment.

So read on for six simple ways you can begin building a culture of accountability.

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