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Resetting, Creating, And Protecting Your Pipeline ROI Password

This document helps you reset your password, as well as give you tips for selecting a strong password and how to keep that password safe.

Because of the ever increasing sophistication and frequency of cyber-attacks, we have taken additional steps to secure your password. These changes make it so that your password is not available to anyone but yourself — not even our network administrators. For this reason, if you forget your password you will be required to reset it before logging in.

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Reset your Pipeline ROI password
Create a Strong Password in 3 Easy Steps
Positive Password Strategies
To reset your Pipeline ROI password:

Click here to access the Password Management page.
Enter the E‑mail address that you use to log into your Pipeline ROI products, then click Continue.

Now, answer the security question that you originally entered when you set up your account and click Continue again.

After you successfully answer the security question, you’re able to enter a new password. Type your new password into the field, then type the same password into the Confirm Password field. For tips on creating a new password, click here.

Click Continue. Now, you can log into your Pipeline ROI account and products with your new password.
After changing your password, you must update all of the programs to reference your new password. Click here for instructions on updating the password in your Pipeline ROI products.

Creating a Strong Password in 3 Easy Steps

Make up a short sentence – or passphrase – that you can remember. For example, you might choose “my dog Ellie is a Golden Retriever”. If your sentence is too long to type every time you login, you can shorten it by removing the spaces. Or, just cut out some words: elliegoldenretriever
Now, mix the upper and lowercase letters: EllieGoldenRetriever
Finally, add some special characters in place of letters: Ell!3G0ld3nR3tr13v3r
There you have it! A strong password that is easy to remember, but is long enough and has a mixture of non-alphabet characters to make it very difficult to guess or hack.

Positive Password Strategies
Keep your passwords secret — This may sound obvious, but it’s the cornerstone of any password strategy. The rule of thumb is to treat your password with the same level of security that you would the information it is protecting.

Restrict physical access to passwords — Avoid writing down your passwords or storing them in a file on your computer. If you have a problem with remembering passwords, finding a trusted password management software might be a good solution. Spend a little time reviewing the reputations of these services and find one that meets your needs.

Never provide your password in E‑mail — E‑mail is not a secure method of information exchange. Messages are usually not encrypted and can be intercepted in transit. If you receive an E‑mail message requesting you to supply or verify your password, it’s more than likely a fake “phishing” scheme. Remember, Pipeline ROI will never ask you for your password.

Do not type passwords on computers that you do not control — Computers such as those in Internet cafés, computer labs, trade shows, airport lounges and other public access situations should be considered unsafe for purposes other than anonymous browsing.

Use long passwords — Simply put, the longer your password is, the more difficult it is to guess.

Remember, if you’re ever concerned that your password may have been compromised, contact our support department at (866) 300-1550 so we can take appropriate measures to help you secure your account. If you have additional questions about the security of your data, please contact us at — but remember: don’t include your password in such an E‑mail!