Creating a Promoter Campaign

Select the “Promoter” tool from your dashboard menu

In the “Campaigns” section of Promoter, hit the plus button, enter a name for your campaign, and hit the “Create” button

You should now see “Step 1 – Selected Recipients” from here you can select the contacts, groups, and/or contact types that you want to include in this campaign. Once selected hit the Next button in the bottom right.

The next screen is “Step 2 – Selected Content”. By clicking the “Add Content” button you are able to select any pre-made or edited ads from the list to add to this campaign. Hit the Next button once content has been selected.

  1. The final screen is “Step 3 – Scheduling” and gives you the following options for delivery

By Interval: This allows you indicate to a number of wait days, you can enter a number and the ad will be sent after waiting the specified number of days.

By Date: This one is more straight-forward, simply enter the date that you would like this ad delivered.

Recurring: Select how frequently you would like this ad to be sent (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually)

Once you select the scheduling you can click the circle above the campaign name to activate the campaign and starting sending these ads.