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Setting Up Your Social Media Accounts

Even if you don’t actively use the platform, you still want to setup these accounts.

You can “reserve” your business profile and then link to your website from there or note which platforms you’re more active on. Either way, it’s another in-road to drive traffic to your site. We won’t cover the ins and outs of the platforms here, but you can download our free eBook that covers major platforms.

Google+ – If you’ve already setup your Google My Business profile, you’re all set and don’t need to do anything extra.
YouTube – Google owns YouTube, so if you’ve created a Google My Business account, you already have a profile setup. If you’re considering using video on your site or in your Social Media, I would consider hosting on YouTube because of the “brownie” points you get for being in the Google ecosystem. YouTube videos show up in search results.
Facebook – Make sure that you setup a business page for your site. If you don’t have a Facebook account yet, you’ll have to create one before you can create a business page. Here’s a quick article with a video to get you started.
Twitter – As one of the leading platforms, you do want to at least fill out your profile and link to your site.
LinkedIn – A great place to network with other real estate and mortgage professionals. You can create a profile and a business page as well.
Instagram – A social media platform great for building your brand visually. This one you do have to sign up via the app rather than using a computer.
Pinterest – Designed for sharing content, it’s a great place to post links to your blog articles and “pin” other articles about your area.