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Joining Business Directories

A good way to increase the number of ways your customers can find you is to join local business directories.

Here are the top sites we recommend joining:

Google My Business – Google has combined their Google Maps, Google Places, and Google+ accounts for your business in to one easy-to-use interface. The more you can play within the Google ecosystem, the more “brownie” points you get. It’s highly encouraged to cultivate reviews on your business page as well since they do display next to the results.
Bing Places for Business – Similar to Google Places above, but provided by Bing.
Yext – Yahoo has partnered with Yext to maintain their Local Listings page profiles. You can control your profile on multiple sites (Yahoo, Yelp, Facebook, and Bing.) Does offer enhanced listings. Also feeds into
Yelp – You can also start collecting your testimonials (and leave reviews for other businesses) which makes your profile rank higher.
Yellowbook – Free for basic internet listings but they also have paid internet listings and paid advertising services available.
YP & YP Mobile – Free listings that also appear in the Yellow Pages mobile app.
Super Pages – Free for a profile but they also offer advertizing services, pay-per-click promotion, and Facebook page enhancements for a fee.
Zillow – Your competition will likely have a profile here. You should, too, since many potential clients begin their home searches here. Agents can get started here. Mortgage professionals can get started here. This is another good place to cultivate reviews.
Trulia – Another industry-specific directory you can join and cultivate reviews.
Angie’s List – Free to setup. The only drawback here is that your customers have to pay to be able to search for your profile. It’s still good to setup, just make sure it’s not the only profile you do.
Other Recommendations & Resources:

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