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How Do I Post A Blog Article I Wrote To My Social Media Profiles?

For the record, any time you write a blog, the next step should be to tell EVERYONE you know about it. You do this via e-mail to your subscribers and even non-subscribers, on your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and in person. The more people you tell about your blog post, the more attention it gets and the more traffic it draws in.

Social media is a great vehicle to leverage in order to share your new blog post to the world. Just follow the steps below to see how you can quickly get your post in front of thousands and thousands of people in just 30 seconds!

Login to your Inbound Marketing dashboard. You can access this in two ways:
Go to
Login to your website admin as normal, then click on “My Office”, finally click on the button near the top-left that says “Inbound Marketing Dashboard”.

Now that you are logged into your Inbound Marketing dashboard, click on the button that says “Promote”. Then click on “Blog post via social media”

Select the blog post you want to share via social media and click Continue.

Now just choose what social media accounts you want to post to, write a quick description of the post and then edit any details on the post as you see fit. When you are ready, click “Post it”.