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DirectFax Is Being Retired

In an effort to focus more on forward-looking workflow solutions, we’ll be retiring the DirectFax feature of our lender platform on 5/1/2018. This feature made a lot of sense when it was first introduced and faxing was a more prevalent task. However, with the technology available today, this feature is now rarely used by a very small percentage of transactions on our platform. In most cases, there’s a more convenient way for you and your clients.

If the DirectFax feature was part of your workflow within SureDocs:

If you’ve been sending SureDocs documents using the “DirectFax” or “Secure Signature” signature types these options will be going away. “Express Electronic” will be the supported signature method moving forward. You can still use SureDocs to securely deliver documents to your clients by clicking the “Deliver” option instead of “Sign”. This method will still provide the security and audit trail it always has, however there will not be a way for your clients to upload additonal documents to the file you have sent. In that scenario you’ll need to provide them with a method other than DirectFax that’s compliant with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act to return a copy of the signed documents to you. Most fax machines have the ability to scan documents to other destinations, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

If the DirectFax feature was part of your workflow with loan applications:

Your client can upload documents directly to your secure online portal via your Pipeline ROI website/loan app. When logged in your client can click “Manage Documents” then “Upload” to open the document upload screen. The vast majority of our customers are using this function for document management now so removing the DirectFax option will allow us to focus on improving this in order to provide the experience that is expected by today’s borrower.

If you have any questions, need more clarification, or would like us to show you exactly what you need to do, e-mail or call 866-300-1550.