SureDocs 6

Downloading And Installing SureDocs

Each SureDoc license can only be registered with one computer at a time. If you are trying to move SureDocs from one computer to another computer, you’ll need to first Release the license so it is no longer registered on the old computer.

To Release a SureDocs License:

  1. Login to (you must login with the administrator Username and Password).
  2. On the Account Overview screen, look for the Current Renewable Products section. This will be located on the lower half of the screen.
  3. Each copy of SureDocs will have a Manage License link located to the right. Click the Manage License link.
  4. When the Manage License window opens, you will see that each copy of SureDocs is registered on a specific computer. If you have multiple copies of SureDocs, you can use the Computer Name column to see which computer the license is registered on. Click the Red X to release the license from the computer you’d like to remove SureDocs from.
  5. When the license is released, you can use the License Key (found on the row of text below the Manage License link) when prompted during the SureDocs installation process on the new computer.

To Download and Install SureDocs, just follow the steps below:


Open a web browser and go to Once you’re there, click on the Download SureDocs button.

Step Two:

After clicking “Download SureDocs” the installer will download. Depending on what web browser you are using, the pop-up may differ. The image below is what it will look like using Google Chrome. In Chrome, just click on the download box. In Internet Explorer click ‘Run’.

Step Three:

Click ‘Install’

Step Four:

If you’re using Windows 7, 8, or 10, you will want to bypass the installation of Adobe 8. Click ‘NO’ and continue the process of installing Suredocs. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your device, please do so here: Adobe Reader DC.

Step Five:

Click ‘Next’, Select ‘I agree…”, click ‘Next’, click ‘Next’ once more, then click ‘Install’

Step Six:

Make sure ‘Launch Suredocs’ is selected, then click ‘Finish’

Step Seven:

Click the ‘Update’ button behind the initialization screen (Suredocs will not finish initializing until it checks for updates).

Step Eight:

Click ‘Okay,’ Select your internet type (99% of cases choose ‘…LAN Connection’), click ‘Next’, select ‘No, I don’t want to test my internet…’, click ‘Next’, and let the update process finish.

Step Nine:

Once the update process is finished, click ‘Close’. Now, Suredocs will open into the terms. Click ‘Agree’ and then enter your product activation code in the screen below (you may get your product activation code from your account on or in your email confirmation when you purchased Suredocs):

Step Ten:

Select ‘Use my existing login’ and input your login info. Now click ‘Next’.

You may stop here if you do not plan on digitally signing any documents.

If you DO plan on digitally signing documents, continue below:

Step Eleven:

Click ‘Yes’ to configure your signature, select the font you want to use, and (if you want to further automate the signing processes) check the box ‘Use my signature when the following tag is placed…” and select your most common tag. This will auto-sign for you when that tag is placed on a document, saving you time and extra steps!

That’s it, you’re off to the races with Suredocs! Enjoy the convenience of digital signatures!