SureDocs 7

SureDocs Custom Mapping Request

When you need a custom document to be mapped for tag auto-placement in SureDocs, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow.

This document will tell you what to do when requesting custom mapping for your documents in SureDocs.

In order for SureDocs to recognize your custom forms and auto-place the tags, the document must first be “mapped.” There are just a few steps to request this mapping.

Most organizations place a “form ID” or other unique text on each of their pages, and this is what will work best when mapping the form. SureDocs will be able to recognize your pages more readily if there is something on each page that is unique to that form in your organization. Again, a simple “form ID” anywhere on the page will suffice.

When the document is ready to be mapped, here’s what to do:

Print the document to SureDocs from your LOS or other software.

  1. Open the document in the software from which you will be printing to SureDocs.
  2. Print the document to SureDocs. Note: Don’t simply open a PDF in SureDocs, as this will change the data that SureDocs uses to recognize the document.
  3. Place the tags on each page as they should be placed every time going forward.
  4. When the tags are placed, click File, Save, and save the PDF.
  5. Now, e‑mail the PDF to with a subject of Custom Mapping Request. In the message, please include your customer ID, name, and a contact number.

We’ll begin mapping the document as quickly as possible, and respond to you when the process is complete.

When the mapping is finished, you’ll simply need to restart SureDocs, print the documents to SureDocs, and click Auto-Place Tags. The tags will appear where you placed them on the document you originally sent, just as they would any standard LOS form.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • The placement of tags for standard LOS forms cannot be altered. If you want to change the way that tags are placed on standard LOS forms, use the Tag Customization feature in SureDocs.
  • SureDocs “reads” the text of each page in order to recognize it and place the tags. For this reason, if there is not a “form ID” or other text that is unique to this form in your organization, we may not be able to properly map the form, and delays will occur. So, before you print the page to SureDocs in preparation to send it to us for mapping, be sure the form has your organization’s “form ID” or other unique text on each page.